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A day in the life.....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

9:24PM - Carrows


I'm back...I just thought that I would comment on a few things.
Carrows : if the "alien" that works there was interested in me
I would be flattered,and I could live with that.I know that the
waitress (that has a trunk that can hold all of the junk in the
neighborhood)that helped us the last time I was there is nice.I
think that "space alien" is probably also nice.I almost forgot
about the great smelling girl that sat behind the booth that I
was sitting in.she is pretty good looking.she would easily be on
my wish list.I wish I wasn't such a wuss when it comes to making
conversation with a good looking female.(that also smells real good)

I really hate it when people tell me about their encounters with
females,and what they did with them.how they were dressed,and the
fact that they were getting freaky on the dance floor.(especially
since I can't get freaky because I suck at dancing)

Current mood: gloomy

8:12PM - what's new.....

First off I will try to update my journal a little more frequently.
I don't know where to begin,I know...today was a pretty good day at
work.Although at one point I was priviledged enough to work in returns
for awhile,but that didn't make up for the fact that I was lectured
about being under a microscope.I admit it took me a little longer to
process returns, but I was kinda out of practice.I also sent an email,
and was told that I need to make sure that I use proper grammar.I sent
all the info needed so that the return in question could be processed.
Obviously that still wasn't good enough for my boss.I mentioned earlier
that I felt priviledged to do returns,that's because I used to mainly do
returns,and I did a good job.I had to deal with a lot of crap from my
superiors,and the bi-atch that I was so freakin lucky to deal with.I made
it through all that shit only to be lectured on my lack of communication
skills.I could go on,but I won't.I will just say that the whole thing is
nothing compared to the tragedy in Louisiana,and other recent events.I
know that in the grand scheme of things lots of stuff just isn't that big
of a deal,but I also know that I only have one life,(as far as I know) to
live.I guess it's a good thing I have weekends off.(some of my best days)
I think that I went on too much,so that will be it for now......later.

Current mood: okay

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

8:54PM - I thought you might like this

hey orangemofo,
I will email you a pic that I think you might like.
I tried to put it in this message,but every time it
didn't work.that's it for now.

1:25PM - Hi everybody..........

I just wanted to say hi to those of you who might read this.
that's it for now..........

Monday, August 22, 2005

7:27PM - Day Off

lets see were should I start? I will skip to the good stuff.
today I had the day off,and while I was out and about I saw
some things.(namely people)on my way to my appointment I walked
through the mall(Valley Fair/Westlake)while I was listening to my
Ipod(of course).I noticed a female with a tattoo on her back,and
like I always do I was checking out her tattoo(not her as much).
she was with a group of people(at least another couple and her husband)
I will cut to the chase...one of the males in the group asked if I was
staring at his wife,and I told him I was looking at her tattoo.it is
possible that he was talking about the other women,but I don't know.
the whole thing was kinda weird.the other guy in the group inhaled some
helium from the balloon he had in his hands,and told me to get the f..k out.
the people who know me know that I wasn't trying to be like alot of the
yacks in this world.later on I went downtown briefly,and caught a solid
instant REPLAY.I thought to myself I don't know how much of this I could
TAKE,she was FITties but she didn't act like she knew it.all in all that
moment was HUGE.Iguess that's it for now......Late

1:12PM - Hi ......................

I just wanted to say hi to all my friends out there.....

Current mood: blah